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Private or Public?

The suburbs are different to say the least.

Both The Husband and I grew up downtown (shout out to the peeps of S.L.A.P. & Blake).  We both went to Catholic & Public school.  We turned out fairly decent IMHO.

I took Marcus to one of his activities since The Husband is still recuperating and learning to canonize to do his dialysis since his line became infected while doing dialysis there during his hospital stay.  I chat with the other moms and find out there are a few within my area.  Perhaps a play date with all the kids in the warmer months?  We exchange email addresses and the such.  We start talking about the other activities our little ones are taking and the topic of private vs. public swimming lessons is brought into the discussion at length.

Some of the ridiculousness I heard was “Well, I’m going to pull her from gymnastics because it’s not like she’s going to become a gymnast.”  Also from the same woman “I prefer to put her into private swimming lessons to help her reach that next level, you know”.  The other mom nods.  She has also put her son into private swimming lessons and understands the lingo of the levels;  Starfish, Salamander, etc.  But, her son also has special needs, so I understand why it was paramount to have a low ratio for her son.

Maybe it’s my downtown upbringing but, so what if she is not going to be a gymnast?? She’s having FUN!  The private swimming lessons sound pretty good at first with a 1:3 ratio and sometimes it ends up as a 1:1.  But, with a price tag of $400 for TWO MONTHS, I don’t think so.  I wanted to ask “is she going to be an Olympic swimmer?”.  Too catty.  But, really.  I did have an earnest curiosity into her logic.  Why pull her from the gymnastics, but feel it was worth the cost for private swimming lessons rather than through the recreation centre?  Her kid is two btw 😐  If I was a judgmental person, by the way she dresses, talks, and her shoulders droop in, she was a bit of a loser when she was younger and immature people would use such language to label people in such manner.  Now, she’s trying to over compensate through her little girl.  That would be my observation you asked me to make a judgment call, is all I’m saying.

The rec. centre’s up here are definately very big and very new compared to what we grew up with.  Am I being ghetto?  Is this the way it is up here in the ‘burbs?  It is different.  And at times a bit intimidating.  Everyone wants to provide the best for their kids.  Nobody wants them to be held back from their full potential.  But, is giving them everything leading them to their full potential?  I see young teenagers with smart phones, ipods, tablets, etc.  I know they are not buying it on their own.  As parents, are they setting them up to a self entitled attitude or giving them an advantage to the latest technologies?  Not sure what choice I will make when my boys grow up.

Franklin and I talked about schools and such for our boys.  Private school seems to be the ‘thang’ up here.  Who doesn’t go to Montessori?  I just want them to grow up to appreciate life and the creative hard work it takes to get the things you want in.  That includes the smart phone, ipods, tablets, car, etc.  I can’t stand the way some of the youngsters feel so entitled to have the latest expensive gadget.  I understand part of the reason, if not the reason, is because everyone else has it.  We are not poor.  We can afford the trinkets.  But, I also had a job by 14.  Was working at Miracle Mart (anyone remember that grocery chain or am I dating myself?) as a cashier through high school.  Worked through University.  My parents gave me an allowance, but if I wanted more money I would get the standard “again?  I just gave you money!”.  So, when I got a job I could spend it how I liked.  Fortunately, they taught me to save and budget with my allowance, so I had a good foundation.  Since I got paid each week, I was able to buy clothes each week.  FUN!  I remember Dad asking “You have so much clothes already.  Ask yourself next time you buy something, do you need it or want it?”  That has stuck with me even now.


4 thoughts on “Private or Public?

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  2. I get a lot of great comments on my FB. If you are reading this and have left a great comment on my FB, please remember to post here too! Not everyone will see it on my FB, but they will see it here while reading the post. And your comments and perspectives are great. I wish I had the time to copy all of them over.

    Here’s one of them from Jill:
    It depends – for Lani, totally see her in a large class with lots of kids because that’s her thing – she’s a social butterfly, so whether it’s private or public, i think she’ll get the same benefits regardless…but with Marcus, it’s a different story. I would pay extra for the private because he needs that special attention/one one one because he doesn’t have the social skills that allow others to thrive in large groups because his speech and communication is not the best…so it all depends. To conclude, think it should depend on the overall benefits for the child and what kind of environment they would thrive in.

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