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I recently read about a woman whom after three months of giving  birth she still cannot walk on her own will.  After 34-hrs of labour, they finally performed a C-section.  After some investigation, it was uncovered that she had a ‘rough’ C-section and a lot of nerves in her legs were damaged in the process.  A nightmare that is to last at least 1 year, so the hospital says.

I was lucky that I did not have to go through that.  Hopefully, not too many people will experience that at the hands of this butcher of a doctor who performed the procedure.

I did opt for an epidural when I had my kids.  At first, I had lofty dreams of a natural birth.  Although, I did put in my  birthing plan for them to give me the option of an epidural before it was too late to administer it.  Just in case.  I’ve heard ‘horror’ stories from other woman in my life that said it was too late to get it.  I am fairly tough.  I am not a crier.  And I have to be  hurt pretty bad to shed a tear.  But, the pain during the labour was just too much.  The first 15-hrs I didn’t have anything.  But, after that, I was exhausted and couldn’t bear the pain any longer.   Please give it to me Dr. Feelgood.  The nurse was like “who is this?”.  I was like a completely different person.  After awhile though, I was feeling nauseous. I remember giving birth and then puking to the side right after.  While holding my son, I turned my head to puke.   The fact that The Husband missed the birth and all the drama that went along with it didn’t help.  An interesting story.  Interested in hearing it?

The second time around, I asked for it as soon as I was at the front desk of the birthing centre.  Then again when I walked into the room.  I didn’t want to endure 27-hrs like last time.  They finally called in Dr. Feelgood and I was hoping to get relief.  Well, he tapped in and I was still feeling pain.  They said it will take a few minutes, but I was still holding the bed railings and shaking in pain.  They called him back and he put some more.  I was still in pain, felt a rush of cold through my back and felt high.  He said he had to pull it out and try to reinsert the needle.  Looking back, I should have feared being paralyzed.  He pulled it and re-tapped my back.  The recovery was longer than the last time.  Coincidence?  I think not.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they forgot to collect the cord blood for my second son.  While the baby was being weighed and it looked like the Dr. was starting to ‘clean up’, I asked about the cord blood collection.  He was all dear in the headlights and had no clue.  I couldn’t f’ing believe it.  The fracking nurse left he kit off to the side.  They fumbled through the kit and tried to collect something.  anything.  I tried not to cry.  Just focus on the fact that I have a healthy baby.  I am alive.

Not everyone collects the cord blood, but we made a decision to invest in a cure.  I hope we never need it.  It’s like insurance.  You pay and pay and pay.  And hope you never have to use it.  Plus with cloning, genetic manipulation, and the like, maybe it may save my husband’s life.  A far stretch, but when you are staring in the face of a death sentence you look for a light of hope almost anywhere.  If they can clone a sheep or grow an ear on the back of a rat, it doesn’t seem as far of a stretch as previously thought.  We still need a kidney from a live donor.


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