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Dialysis at Sea – Possible?!?

It’s not just for retirees anymore.  Cruises cater to just about anyone.  Even those who require dialysis.  Dialysis at Sea cruises offers dialysis on regular cruises.  Their space is limited as they limit any sailing to a maximum of 12 patients per sailing.  The cruise would be perfect to experience with him.   And the dialysis is right on the ship so he wouldn’t have to travel anywhere like we did when we went to Bahamas.

The Bahamas trip was the first time in ever that we did dialysis outside of our home/hospital.  It was a bit pricier compared to some other all  inclusive Caribbean vacation spots, but if we heard it had a good dialysis clinic that was clean from another dialysis patient.  My family also made the sacrifice at the higher price so that Franklin could come.  I was pregnant.  All my immediate family went.  Parents, brothers and their family crew.  16 of us in total.  It was a dream vacation.  My family was there to help me with my toddler.  My favourite brother went with Franklin twice and my dad once to do the dialysis clinic.  Franklin said no one had to come, but as my favourite brother said, if shit was to happen, you need someone there with you.  They sacrificed hours out of their vacation so he wouldn’t be by himself.  Especially my favourite brother.  He had S, J, and J with him, but he still went.  Man, I love my favourite brother.   Always there for us.  Always willing to sacrifice without being asked.  Never makes a big deal about it.  We are so lucky to have him.

It’s just in addition to typical vacation costs anyone would incur, we have to add dialysis costs.  To the tune of ~$1800.   Can we afford it.  Not really.  But this past few weeks was reality check I needed.  Money will not keep me happy.  The experience with my boys and the memories will.   I keep my head in the sand and keep waiting, but I just don’t know how things will be next year.  I wished we did the big wedding and vacationed more during the four years he had the transplanted kidney from his generous brother.  He offered the gift of life as soon as he found out Franklin needed one.  We didn’t even have to ask.  How amazingly generous is he?!?

No one knows if they will be around next year.  You could get hit by a truck!  I try to Live Life as much as I can.  And so should YOU!

Now to start planning and budgeting as much as we can.  Europe, Caribbean, East? West?

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