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Bald Baby – Do we do it?

Not sure if it’s a Chinese thing or not, but the myth goes that if you shave your young baby’s hair they will be left with thick beautiful hair as they grow up, particularly when they are older.

It’s probably more myth than fact.  Genetics would decide your likelihood of thin hair.  But, since almost everyone in my family does it or has had it done to them, it seems like it’s fact.  One of my nieces had very thin hair when she was a baby.  We were all ‘concerned’.  Her sister wasn’t like that.  We all have thick hair.  It was decided to shave her head.  She now has thick hair (she’s a teen).  Coincidence?  Hmmm…

We shaved our elder son’s hair.  It is quite thick.  My Husband’s hair is also thick.  My hair is fairly thick too.  But, not all uncles on my side have thick hair.  They say baldness is dictated from the mother’s side. Yikes!  We are going to shave Baby 2’s head too.  I have decided.  Now, just to get The Husband on board.

I once lost all of my hair.  Had to wear a wig.  Had to get steroid injections to my head.  I bought a really cute short blond bob cut wig.  Hell, if I had to wear one, might as well have fun with it.  It was 10 years ago.  I was running my own business, I was working full-time, Franklin was in the hospital to have the surgery so he could do peritoneal dialysis and I was visiting him every day.  The schedule was something like this – wake up to do my business. Go  to work. Visit Franklin. Go home to do more business stuff.  All the while worrying about my Darling.  It was a crazy time.   Even though I felt I could do it all, my body felt otherwise.  Even though I was emotionally and physically drained, I really thought I could keep doing it for longer.  I found out when I went to a hair cut and high lights (a girl still has to look good you know.  Wish I was still so ‘selfish’ about my looks now!).  The hairdresser found a circular bald batch on the left side of my head.  It was a little bigger than a quarter.  She suggested I hold off on the highlights until I found out what was happening.  Good idea.

I was referred to a dermatologist.  At first the receptionist said they were fully booked.  I pleaded.  Please, I am a young woman in my early 20s.  Do you know how important hair is to feeling like a ‘normal’ woman?  She squeezed me in.  First it was creams.  Then when that didn’t work, came the steroid needles to the scalp.  Little pricks.  But, many of them.  In the interim I was also seeing an Acupuncturist and boiling Chinese herbs.  I was doing any song and dance it would take to get my hair back.  Little do you realize what defines a woman.  Her hair and her boobs.  Superficial?  Yes.  But, when people look at you, that’s the two things that define them.

My body was obviously saying something had to give.  And if I wasn’t going to make life changes, it was my hair that was going to ‘give’.  Franklin was back home.  I decided to let go of my business.  My hair started to grow back.  Who knows which reason it grew back.  Was it the steroids shots to the scalp?  The acupuncture?  The Chinese herbal soups? or letting go some of the responsibilities and stress?

Your body needs rest to repair itself.  Stress is a killer to happiness and the body.  Recognize when you are taking on too much and ask for help.  I am still learning to ‘master’ that.  You would think after so much I would know it by now.  But, this is part of the reason I blog.  I do read past posts and people’s comments.  I want to remember when I remember to take care of myself, when I forget to put myself on the list of priorities of things/people to take care of.  Also, not to always put me at the bottom of the list either.

It’s funny.  I just re-read this blog post, and it initially started off with my idea of shaving baby 2’s head.  How did it end up with a note to myself to take care?  The path and emotional journey that expressing yourself through writing will take you is one of self discovery sometimes.

Try it.


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