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Biggest Loser – Winning!

I’m not as swift to update my loses as I am my winnings.

Well, I lost last week.  I gained a pound.  He lost three pounds.

I won this week.  I lost two pounds.  He gained three pounds.

I have cheated.  Eat too late at night.  Had dirty bird (KFC).  Double-double coffee.  Missed my once-a-week Zumba session.  Haven’t rowed since the last time.  Eat when I’m not hungry.   Keep eating even though I’m full.  That’s why it’s up and down.  I’m not consistent with my workouts nor my eating habits.  And it shows on the scale.

I am exactly down 10-lbs.  So, it works out about a pound a week.  I’m sure it could be more.  Ah well.  Slow and steady wins the race right?  I can only hope that my brother’s wife keeps making cakes. LOL.


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