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Balancing Act II

No Zumba. No Swimming lessons.  But at least I was going to go see him.  All thanks to the time, generosity, kindness, patience, and unconditional love of Marcus’ Godmother (W) and my parents.  My parents would watch my toddler while  W. would drive me down to see The Husband and wait in the car with the baby.  I was able to have it all.  See my husband in the hospital and not have the kids exposed to any germs at the hospital.

I had told one of his brothers that he was there and fortunately met him in the hall.  We talked with Franklin about telling his mom.  We chatted and joked it up a bit.  It didn’t help that one of the ‘roommates’ had the t.v. on as if they were in their own living room.  Get a headset or turn it down!  Jeeze.  Also, he was still hadn’t gone for dialysis.  I tried to get him a semi-private, asked the nurses to help us defuse the issue with the roommate (since Frankie ‘yelled’ at them him the night before), and went to get him some drinkage (no food allowed.  he hasn’t eaten since Wednesday night!).  Text comes in “baby’s starting to melt down”.  I have to leave.  Balance.

Off to my weekly family dinner.   Home cooked meal.  Hang with the fam.  I call and tell his mom.  She is thankful that I told her.  I am lucky to have such a great mother-in-law.  She has her ‘annoying’ bits, but who doesn’t?  It’s a ‘good’ day.  Well, good as it’s going to get.  When I go home, my brother offers to drive  me and my car home.  I say “it’s ok.  I’ve been doing it”.   He had the best answer “I know you have, but now you don’t have to”.

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