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First Foods

I love that I am able to stay home for the first year of my baby’s life.  To be able to give him the best start in his health with breast milk, but to also be able to watch all the milestones so far:

  • following me with his eyes
  • being able to hold his head up
  • grasping items in his little hands
  • turning over
  • finding his feet and eating them
  • smiling & laughing

Another big one coming up is feeding him his first taste of food.  How exciting!

  • peas
  • carrots
  • squash
  • sweet potato
  • zucchini
  • rutabaga
  • pears
  • apples
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • bread


I made food for my first-born.  Well, eventually.  When the time came (anywhere between 4-6 months depending on the baby and their cues. Good head control, a growing appetite, and interest in what you’re eating are all indications that your baby is ready to try solids.)  I wanted to make him food.  Well, I dilly and dallied, I didn’t know what to start with, and poor baby still hadn’t had any solid food.  So, I caved and bought a couple of jarred stuff.  So, many choices!  He ate.  He made a mess. We took pictures.  By the 3rd jar I wondered if the puree peas tasted as bad as it looked.  It did!

After tasting that disgusting flavour, there was no way I was going to feed my baby that processed garbage when I wouldn’t eat it myself.  Don’t get me wrong.  When I was in a pinch, it’ll have to do.  But, making my own was so easy and rewarding.  I have a steamer with a built-in timer, so that made it super easy.  It also helps to reduce losing the vegetables/fruits nutrients compared to over boiling it.  Bust out the hand blender and voilà!  Home made delicious baby food.  No salt.  No preservatives.  Made in sterile equipment with clean hands using organic fruits and vegetables.

I even organized a baby food swap party at my place.  Moms brought a fruit/vegetable and ice cube trays or baby food freezer try (like an ice-cube try, but holds one ounce per hole and comes with a sealable lid).  You come with one, you leave with a variety of foods.  We got to learn from each other, laughed, and were able to spend time together.  I was so lucky to find 10 wonderful women back then.  All of our children were close in age.  All were down to earth.  Kind. Generous. Funny.  Friendly.  We met during a parenting group offered by the government facilitated by a registered nurse.  It was perfect for first time moms.  What to expect for sleeping, postpartum, teeth, food, etc  After the session ended, we still met up once a week at someone’s house. Then slowly, one by one, we went back to work.   Sadly, money is a necessary evil (Post named the same thing to follow soon.  Exploring maternity leave and going back to work.  A decision for every woman.  Sometimes not really a decision as there is no other choice)

But, I digress.  Back to baby food.   To heat up an ounce of my frozen, nutritious, home-made love, I would heat it up in a hot water bath.  Put a bit of boiled water in a bowl.  Put a smaller bowl on top.  Put food into smaller bowl.  Within ~5-minutes the food has melted and a little warm.  No microwaves.  It will leave hot spots that might burn precious baby. One type of food every 4-7 days.  That way if baby has a bad reaction to a food than you’ll know which one.  After I would start combing the flavours.  Squash and peas.  Carrots and potatoes.  The poos reflected that.  Is all I’m saying 😛

Of course congee is on the menu.  Over cooked rice made into a porridge, flavoured with ground meat or fish.  i.e. beef, turkey, chicken, pork, salmon.  So good for baby.  Great when you are not feeling well, ie cold, stomach flu.  Or anytime for a meal.  Congee Wong.  Congee Queen.  Noodle houses.  Dim Sum.  Congee is everywhere!

I’ll post a congee recipe if you would like.  Let me know.  Have any funny baby feeding stories?  Let me know.


4 thoughts on “First Foods

  1. Making baby food wasn’t as hard as I thought. I steam veggies for everyone this way we can add veggies to any meal and baby has a variety of frozen baby food. My son should be starting meat soon but I’m a bit nervous, any suggestions?

    • beef is good for his iron intake. If you have been breast feeding only so far, by 6 months his iron that he had stored in his body is now deleted. I would choose a nice cut of meat. Ask the butcher to grind it up. I like serving congee…. The boiled rice is easy on the stomach. I can flavour it with meat. also, great idea of a steam day! the kids AND adults get their vegetables!

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