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On time

I tried.  I swear I tried hard.  Back in my youth I would show up when I was ready.  Sometimes (if not usually) about 2 hrs after I’m supposed to be there.  Even for my own birthday!  If I had to be somewhere at x o’clock, that’s when I would start to get ready.  I would rush to shower, choose what to wear, do my hair and make-up, and then head out the door.  I’d speed along to get to where I was supposed to be.  If it was out of the downtown core, I’d for sure get lost.  I rushed through my prep time.  I’d speed along in my car.  But, I’d still be pretty late.  Now, if you tried to call and see where the heck am I, I’d tell you I’m almost there, but more likely than not, I haven’t even left my house.  Sorry!  In my head I tried.  I rushed for goodness sake.

Well, Franklin and his Air Cadets career has left him to be a stickler about being on time.  With a baby and toddler I feel I have a legitimate reason for running at least 15 minutes behind.  Diaper and potty stops.  Top up the baby with MaMa’s milk.  Pack a snack of Shreddies, Crispex, Gold’s pretzel sticks, multi-grain crackers, or fruit.  Watered down apple juice in his water bottle.  A small assortment of toys, play dough, ds, ipod with Calliou videos, etc to keep him in his seat at the restaurant.  Boots. Coats.  Hat. Mitts.  Buckle baby into bucket car seat.  That’s a minimum of 30-45 mins.  if I’m lucky.

If we arrive within 15 minutes of where ever we are supposed to be I think that’s acceptable.  Usually we’re less than that because of Franklin’s military ways.  Hurry up!  It’s x:xx!  It’s x:xy!  Come ON!  We might get there ‘on time’, but who the hell needs that kind of stress?!?  Give me a break!  I’d rather be a few minutes late and not be totally stressed out than be on time and miserable.

I’m just about ready to tell The Husband to go ahead and we’ll meet him there.  How nice it must be to go out and warm the car while I pack up everything.  Yes, I could forego the toys, snack, breast milk top up,  but it’s just going to be harder later.  Marcus cannot sit in his seat at a restaurant for more than 45 minutes.  I slowly dole out the toys in 15-20 minute increments to bide our time.  If I don’t pack a healthy snack, we just end up buying garbage from some where to tide him over while we are out.  It’s hard enough for kids to eat healthy in this day and age.  So, when I have him in the car with no distractions and hungry, a healthy snack is ALWAYS eaten.  And a top up is easier than driving with a screaming baby or whipping out the boob in the car or restaurant.

Just this morning I had to be somewhere super early.  She said to be there for 7:30 am so we could get breakfast before we go.  I told myself 7:15am.  She called at 7:21am and I hadn’t even left the house yet nor dropped off kid 1!  She said not to rush and just get there by 8am.  I pack up the car.  Pack in kid 1 and than kid 2 (can’t wait for them to strap themselves in).  Drop off kid 1 and go meet my friend.  Was there by 7:58am!  Hell Yeah!!   She said 8am for next time would still be good to make it to our destination.  I was like “Dude!  I told myself 7:15am.  Let’s keep it there”.

Either I tell myself I have to be there at T-1 o’clock or do like back when I was younger and not married with children, set my clock ahead so I would be running late, but show up ‘on time’.

Preparation is better than reaction.  In traveling with the kiddies and in life.  Well, as prepared as much as can be.  Sometimes $h!t happens and you have to adapt and go with the flow.


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