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What’s Next??

Blog. Blog. Blog.  I have tons of ideas that I want to write about.  Sometimes, inspiration comes from my life, your life, the news, TV, observations while I’m out, surfing the net, even FB posts!  It takes just one word,a sentence, an action, an expression on someone’s face, to spark a fire within my head and heart.  I jot down the idea, sometimes it’s just a title or an example, so I can flush out the thoughts later.

Some feelings and ideas are just so “there” that the words just flow out of my fingertips and the post is completed within minutes.  Sort of like the I HATE YOU post.  I was furious and just needed to get it out of my heart.  I don’t want that kind of ugliness lingering around, hence I blog.  I used to write on a piece of paper/a diary/even the back of an envelope, just so I can get it out of my system and release myself from the drudgery of poisonous emotions.  Now, I can “embarrass” myself for the world to read.  (The World…aren’t I modest LOL…a girl can Like, Comment, and a Dream right?)

Do you ever get a thought or idea, be it positive or negative, in your head and it just repeats itself over and over and over.  Even a compliment about how I’ve lost weight can take a sinister turn and all of a sudden “I’m so fat.  Look at my thunder thighs.  I’m huge.  I’ve got a big belly.  I need to lose weight.  My arms wave” are on repeat in my head.  It’s not always so negative.  It could also go “You hot, girl.  Working out is paying off.  Need new clothes for this skinny body.  Have to get a mani/pedi.  Look good.  Feeling GREAT!  They noticed!  They noticed!”.  Crazy.  I know.  Hence why I blog to analyze and move on.

Well, these  ideas are starting to build up.  I’ve got a list of Draft posts waiting to be explored and posted.  There are so many now that I don’t know what should be next.  I pulled up the list and it seems like so many, that I just start a new one about something else and leave these behind.

They are all worthy of my thoughts and emotions that I will put into them.  Sometimes. I just don’t have time or it’s because the emotions involved while I write them are just too heavy.  Like how we found out Franklin had kidney problems post in response from just an  inquiry from a friend.  It took me a while to write it because I didn’t want to feel the fear, disappointment, nor anger again.  I’ve always wanted to document our kidney journey.  The emotions.  The milestones.  Her question helped kick the dust off.

It’s funny how it starts with an idea, and as I write, I ramble on and by the end of the post, I’m left with a whole different perspective and/or emotion.  Quite the amusement ride and I Love it!

Below is the lengthy list of posts waiting to be blogged about.  For most, the title gives you the basic idea.  For the others, well, you’ll just have to choose and see!  Exciting??  LOL…to me it is.  I know.  I’m lame 😛

What would you like to read about next??:

  1. Organ Trafficking – A Dialysis Patient’s Perspective
  2. Cancer Caps – Warriors and Survivors Should be Stylish TOO!
  3. Fish and Chips Diet
  4. Another Year – Still Stuck With Him – Reflection of the Last Year
  5. From Both Ends – Return of the POO and MORE!
  6. No Strings Attached – yeah right 😛
  7. The Novelty has Worn OFF – or has it??
  8. ¢€£$¥ – The Necessary Evil
  9. Diet Basics
  10. MaMa’s Milk
  11. Parent, Friend or Both
  12. Say it. Forget it.  Write it. Regret it.
  13. Dialysis at Sea – Possible?


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