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Second and third helpings please!

I am watching way too much reality TV.  Particularly the ones dealing with food.  Not sure if it has any correlation with my current dieting state.  The old “you want what you can’t have” adage.  For me, I want food.  For you, maybe it’s a bit more out of your reach.  A man/woman?  A motorcycle?  World travel for a year?

One show I have to stop watching is Man vs Food.  I still think it’s way too much.  Well, most of the time.  I think I’m becoming desensitized to the amount of food that would considered disturbing.  Yikes!  12 egg omelet.  Is that really so bad?  Who doesn’t eat bacon and home fries with their eggs?  So what if the total weight including the cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, peppers, and green onions total 5-lbs.  The vegetables don’t count.  Add those to the ‘eating healthy’ category.  And the ‘lying to yourself’ category too. lol

Watching Cupcake Wars or baking competitions, just puts me in the mood for some form of baked good.  Cookie, cake, bar, muffin, whatever!

Sadly, even some disgusting combos sound possible.  Check out this site This is Why You’re Fat Pretty funny.

If I suspend my disbelief of the caloric intake for just one meal I can actually enjoy my wings, chili, pizza, chip & dip, and desserts.  Hey, suspension of disbelief is the foundation of most of Hollywood movies.  LaLaLand can’t be wrong. Right?!  haha

You can pretend years of over-eating, debauchery, smoking, recreational drug use, spending beyond your means, etc is o.k., but it will all catch up it you one day.  You’ll end up broke, fat, with some form of organ damage.

I said years of abuse.  This weekend is OK though.  Diet Schmiet


2 thoughts on “Second and third helpings please!

  1. Where is my ‘None’ option? Do you not want to capture the segment of your audience that does not watch food shows (like me!)

    Also – I once ate a burger with six patties. It was delicious. I think I may do so again some time.

    • Of course I wouldn’t want to isolate my lone male reader. haha…well, the only one that I know of anyway.

      that’s why I left a space for you to add NONE, or Survivor Man or something

      SIX patties?! You may not watch these type of food shows, but you could star in one with that kind of gluttony!

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