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Please put him on dialysis Doc

So, you learned how we found out Franklin had kidney problems in The Beginning of this Lifetime Journey post.  The next several months were rough.  His kidneys were slowly dying.  He was staying in bed for days.  He was tired all the time, lost so much weight (down to 120-lbs), still had headaches, and was down to less than 10% kidney function.

We talked to my dear aunty and uncle.  Uncle (2nd cousin, but a lot older than me, hence calling him Uncle out of respect) was on dialysis.   They were the only people we knew who were actually on dialysis and we wanted to know more information about it.  Reading pamphlets doesn’t really give you the reality of doing/living it.  The pros and cons.  Which one is better.  Each department, hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, have their own agenda.  The more patients they have, the more funding they get.  Sounds cynical?  Maybe.  But, very real.

They were so helpful and told us what worked for them.  They helped more than anyone thus far.  I am forever indebted for their openness and guidance.

I remember sitting in the doctor’s office at the hospital and pleading with her to put him on dialysis.  Please do not wait until he is on death-bed and cannot take care of himself.   I still don’t understand the hold up.  We still had trust and belief in the health care system.  We were so naïve.

Her answer was to go to Emergency.  It was the only way we could get a bed to then try and get into surgery.  WTF?!  Well, we did.  We sat in emergency for HOURS.  Not just a few.  I mean 24+ hrs!  We wanted to leave, get something to eat and give our gurney to someone else while we wait in the waiting room with the tv.  They advised if we left, our bed would be gone.  We shouldn’t stay in the t.v. room because  when the doctor comes by and should we not be there, we would lose our spot and would be assumed gone.  No, we will not call you.

We were young.  We didn’t know how the health care craziness works.

Careful what you wish for.  You might just get it.



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