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Bitch & Stitch Session

It’s not just your grandmother’s past time anymore.  Knitting and crocheting is a great way to be creative, keep your mind sharp, and relieve stress.  If Sex in the City star does it in public, it can’t be too lame right?

I know the basics of knitting too, but I’m not too quick.  I prefer to crocheting.   For me, it’s faster and easier.  I recently crocheted a Spiderman ski mask for The Boy.  He loved it and it has been super useful during this cold snap.  I bought the right shade of red and pale yellow to attempt an iron man ski  mask.  Now, just trying to get motivated to make it. I have to be in the mood to crochet, otherwise it’s just work.   Much like ‘other things’ in life too *wiggles eyebrows* heehee.

Not sure if there is interest, but I’ll put it out there.  Anyone interested in getting together to crochet/knit over some snacks/wine/coffee?   Some ideas come to mind for a get together:

  • Newbie session – you don’t know how, but we can teach each other
  • Help the Homeless – we each make a couple of granny squares during the session and make a blanket
  • Keep Preemies Warm – we could make a preemie hat to donate to hospitals
  • Work on your own stuff with an excuse to b*tch about our husbands/bf/both (LOL), see each other  and eat rich food

Hopefully I don’t get caught up with all these questions in my head or suffer Paralysis by Analysis.

Date, time, location, topic will be arranged based on interest.  Vote using the poll below or comment and let me know if you want to make a made-with-love, hand-crafted, cool hat/toy/blanket/booties/mitts for your special person.


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