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Recipe Exchange

One reason I love gatherings/hanging out/chillin’ together/dinner parties/breaking bread is trying real home cooked foods from The People.

You may not cook, bake, bbq, or entertain often, but you are always asked to bring Your dish.  The one you are synonymous for.  People ALWAYS say how amazing it is and ask how you made it or for the recipe.  Sometimes it’s the only item in your menu repertoire, but you make it damn good.

Now, some people do not want to share their recipes.  I don’t mind sharing, as long as you remember that it’s MY recipe when we are in the same room or talking to mutual peoples.   I will do so also with your recipe. Otherwise, you can now be famous for Spinach Dip/Baked Brie/Pineapple Upside Down Cake/Rainbow Cupcakes/Layered Jello.

I would like to create a discussion for a recipe exchange.  Not sure if people will participate, but I hope you will.  I ask that if you use one of ‘my’ recipes that you leave one that is in your recipe box.  I look forward to trying all of your diverse family favourites.  Drinks, dips, appetizers, snacks, spreads, dinner / breakfast /  brunch /lunch ideas and my favourite, desserts!  I love making cookies, bars, & muffins.

Should there be many recipes, I could make this post ‘sticky’ so it’s easily available.  Now, post your signature dish my multicultural readers!


3 thoughts on “Recipe Exchange

    • it doesn’t look like this idea is really taking off. I’m going to ‘unsticky’ the post for now and we’ll try again later. thanks for contributing! it looks delicious. can’t wait to have a reason to try. was wondering if you’ve ever substituted for the goat cheese. i’m not a big fan. it’s like blue cheese. you either like it or hate it. (i like blue, but not goat)

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