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I’m gonna LOSE IT!

  1. I’m asking.
  2. I’m just reminding you.
  3. I’m gonna LOSE IT!

How many times do I have to ask before I am justified in ‘losing it’?  Really.  How many times?  Now, if you finally do DO IT, then the next time it has to be done I’m jumping to Step 2.  I’ll do another ‘friendly’ reminder, but after that BAM!  Get IT DONE!!

I’ve tried it your way.  I ask.  You say you’ll get it done.  I bite my tongue day after day.  Well, it’s been a week or a month or several months, and it’s STILL not done.

You are turning me into a nag.  That’s right.  YOU are making me a nag.  If you would just handle your business, than I wouldn’t have to say anything.  Oh, wouldn’t it be ‘easier’ if I’d just do it myself instead of getting all GRRR about it.  Well, I’m not your mother who will do all the b.s. tasks to make life easier for you.  This is a marriage and you are a grown adult.

I know procrastination has bitten you ten times over, but finding other things to do doesn’t mean you are too busy to get these things done.   You have to shovel.  Touché.  But how do you explain the last TWO weeks for not getting it done?  There were days where you tired.  I get it.  You have kidney disease and do dialysis everyday.  But, how about when there are good days?  You will not use your illness as an excuse.  You are better than that.  and I love you too much to let you.

Buying club packs of socks and underwear does not mean you should skip doing laundry for eons.   But, what’s worse is when you do DO IT, you try and say “Po’ me.  I’m doing 6 loads of laundry.”   You ain’t getting no sympathy from me pal.  Maybe if you got it done on the regular you wouldn’t have to spend the whole day doing it.  I’m  just saying.

We all have our assigned duties (post about the evolution man vs. woman coming soon).  This worked itself out years ago when we first lived together.  Remember, it started out as doing laundry together.  Then I just did my own and you did your own.  And it has evolved to where we are today.  You do it all.   It’s fair and you know it! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong.  I can be a lazy mofo too.  But, this post is my rant about me losing it on your oogly butt, not my cute behind. hehe

4 thoughts on “I’m gonna LOSE IT!

    • Hey Jilly! It’s been a while. He’s lucky I don’t carry a gun sometimes . LOL I’m not one to say “darling…could you please get it done. you promised” it’s a bit too whiny for me. Not my style. I’m more of a LOSING IT! kind of person. No in between. What’s your pet peeve? Mines the laundry…amongst other things. Is it the garbage, putting your dishes in the sink, putting dirty clothes in the hamper and not on the floor, leaving the toilet seat down, ooops…am I giving way too many examples?? haha

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