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What’s YOUR take?

Well, I have 38 posts so far and am quite pleased with myself.

I love reading your comments and seeing if I’m crazy or are there ‘others’ out there.  Sounds like many have their weaknesses and spend money on things they want, but not necessarily need.  A lot are frustrated by whiners and complainers that should talk less and do more.  Deciding where to eat is in this vast multicultural city of ours is no easy feat.  And a few of us over think things so much, we end up standing still.

To share if YOU are a whiner, good partner for marriage, order diet coke, or live life, I’ve added some polls at the bottom of a few posts.   I’ve added a category called I’ll Tell Ya to easily show which ones you can take part in.  I’ve only added 8 so far, but as time permits, I’ll try to back track and add to old ones, and include in new posts also.

Thanks again for reading!  Now you TELL ME!


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