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Down $5

Well, the weigh-in did not bring good news to my wallet.  When we started this Biggest Loser competition (read it here), I felt confident that I had an advantage.  But, the fact that he’s a guy makes a HUGE difference.  This mofo has lost 9-lbs and he’s only been trying for a couple of weeks.  I’ve tried for 5-weeks and am still at 6-lbs.   I lost  1-lb from last week.  but, it wasn’t enough for his 5-lb loss.  FrACk!

He has more work meetings so hopefully The Vendors will be feeding their gratitude to him with fatty deliciousness.  mwhahaha…FTW!

I have decided to add rowing twice a week to my Zumba.  Hopefully, that will help.  I’m slacking on noting my food on, am eating one too many cookies/slice of cake, and skipped Zumba last week since we took The Boy to the Science Centre.

My silver lining is even if I lose another $5, if it motivates me to lose a couple more pounds, then I AM winning.

Reality:  I don’t feel like a winner.   I LOST dammit!  grrrrr


  1. Me: +5  Him: -5
  2. Me: 0     Him: 0
  3. Me: -5    Him: +5

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