Diet Dayz


7 lbs in 3 weeks….not too shabby…not great, but definitely awesome enough to win $5.  Oh the excuses were there.  “I was going out with the Vendor every night” (for work stuff).  What I heard was “I’m a loser and I owe you $5 and my soul for one week!” LMAO!  All this winningness makes … Continue reading

Kidney Failure / Till death do us part - We're Married

YOU should blog Frankie

I found a blog that would be a great inspiration for my daring husband!  Oh internet….you have EVERYTHING!  It is a light-hearted and sometimes touching look of life on dialysis. Franklin has some reservations about some of the things I blog about.  I understand.  Some things are about him.  But, he could do it … Continue reading