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Being Polite or Indecisive?

Remember, back in the day you could just call up your buddy and meet up for some good times. Nowadays, trying to decide when and where to eat as a group can get too ridiculous.  That’s about a million emails, texts, or phone calls just to see if the person you are talking to and their partner are free.  If you also have kids, then you have to include their social calendar too.  This week and next week doesn’t work for us, the week after isn’t good for you.  How’s the first week next month?  Oh brother.

We tried to make plans for lunch with a couple that are good friends of ours.  20 emails later, we have a date and time.  We’ll figure out where later.   That should be easy right?  There was a lot of “we’re flexible”.   They know we have a picky toddler, so they were probably just trying to be kind and go with what would be palatable for The Boy.  We’ve brought them to most of our local haunts, plus the chickee was on a time restraint, so we were flexible for them to choose.  Closer to home so she’d make it on time, but also we could try a new place that we haven’t been to before.   Where do YOU go out to eat?  That’s me making a decision.  I want to go where YOU eat.

Well, there were a few phone calls in the morning, websites checked (todine.com, chowhound.ca), and we all were still being ‘flexible’.    After an hour after the first morning call, I just wanted someone to be INFLEXIBLE and choose. Where is the pregnant lady who has a craving when we need her?  Or maybe a ‘pushy’ person who will just not care what everyone else wants and stake their claim.

Usually, that’s me.  Pregnant or pushy.  At one point, both!   I have been brainwashed to label myself pushy.  As a woman, that’s what they call you.  I would prefer to call it decisive.  On my résumé, it’s listed as “strong decision-making skills ensuring objectives are exceeded”.   I’m still having rough nights getting the baby to sleep through the night, so my decision-making and patience were not in effect.  Just picture yourself on a Monday morning boardroom meeting with 4-hrs sleep.  You see how I feel?

We finally narrowed it down to two choices.  Greek or Pho.  Since we don’t know a good Pho place (someone please comment of a good one in the north-east end.  Markham, Richmond Hill, but no further than Scarborough)  we went with Greek.  We took them to a place we’ve been to a couple of times.  They have good tzatziki.  And now, we have our next meet-up decided.  Pho!

You just cannot satisfy everyone.   To try to do so, will only make for frustration.  Be it lunch or other decisions in your life.  Find out the constraints (in this case, time) and benefits (in this case, satisfying our food cravings), budgets (nobody wanted to have to wear a gown nor tux), transportation, blah blah blah (uh oh…paralysis by analysis again) to consider, but K.I.S.S., it’s lunch!

disclaimer:  to the couple we met with.  if you recognize yourself here, trust that we love you guys and enjoy your company.  can’t wait to eat pho!


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