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What else can I feed The Boy that will help him get all his nutrients.  He loves to help in the kitchen, so trying to find recipes that doesn’t involve a whole bunch of chopping isn’t always easy.  I become the sous chef, and then I’ll call him over to be my mixer.  He’s also a great ‘go-for’.

Last night, it was Jello time.  It’s powdered sugar with gelatin and colour.  Great.

So, to bump up the nutritious value we added blueberries and grapes.  We used Arthur’s Smoothie Juice instead of water.  BAM!  Just had him eating more fruit in one dessert!  Used clear plastic cups so he could see the suspended fruit.


He’s had one already and wants more.  Dude, it’s a snack/dessert, not a meal.

Layered Jello – is so cool looking and tastes great!


different jello flavours

can of condensed milk

gelatin package

boiling water

1. make one jello flavour as per package’s instructions

2. in another bowl, mix condensed milk and boiling water until well blended.  stir in gelatin package.

3. ladle jello into container, place into fridge.

4. once jello is set, ladle a layer of condensed milk mixture.  place back into fridge.

5. repeat steps 1, 3, and 4

note: replace water with juice to add more vitamins and switch up the flavour combo!  mango juice with strawberry jello


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