Diet Dayz

Di Ackee ‘n Salt Fish make mi LOSE

It was an awesome foody night of amazing Jamaican food cooked by with love by the parental units.

The night’s eats included:

  1. Oxtail
  2. Ackee & Salt Fish
  3. Mackerel Fish
  4. Dumplings
  5. Breadfruit
  6. Rice and Peas with Salt Pork
  7. Boiled Yams

They don’t cook this often enough for me, so diet schmiet.  I had 2nd and 3rds!  And the perfect drink to compliment the feast was Champagne Cola, Ting, Pineapple drink

I guess it shouldn’t be totally shocking that I lost this weeks weigh-in.

I have slacked for 4 days now.  Not noting my food intake on  Eating at the Southern BBQ joint with less restraint.  Not doing the snacks-in-between-meals.  And the icing on the cake was the delicious goodness of mommy and daddy’s cooking.

I gained one pound from last week.  Had to give back The Brother’s $5 I won last week.  It hurt.  I won’t lie.  You’d think I would have smarten up over the weekend.  Nope.  Had 4 cookies yesterday.  2 cupcakes today.

Perhaps putting it “out there” will put the proverbial Scarlett Letter F (for fatty) will get me back to mental discipline starting….tomorrow.

I need to finish the left overs I brought home!


2 thoughts on “Di Ackee ‘n Salt Fish make mi LOSE

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