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Warning Signs

I am overjoyed to see that there were many hits on the post about how we found out that Franklin’s kidneys were dying.

It was a bit difficult to write.  To re-feel those emotions brought a few old tears that I shed back then.  And then I read the post to Franklin and we hugged and talked about life’s possibilities and responsibilities back then.  One thing that’s still going positively strong is our love for each other.  This disease has tested our strength physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, both individually, as a twosome, and as a family.  Some days we are winners.

But, I digress.  In this post I wanted to share the warning signs that may indicate that you have kidney problems.   As mentioned in the Lifetime Journey post, a big indicator was the high blood pressure/headaches.  That was the early signs.  But, as things progressed and his kidney function deteriorated to less than 10% there were more signs.

On The Kidney Foundation of Canada on Facebook they asked people to share what symptoms they experienced.

Some of theirs that were shared from the people who have the disease were:

  • Puffiness of the eyes, hands and feet
  • itchiness, low blood count, tired
  • Tired, swelling, high blood pressure, itching, unexplained nauseous feeling, appetite change..to name a few
  • Don’t forget the headaches, yellowing of the eyes and metallic tastes on the tongue if you’re experiencing uremia.
  • For me, food and beverages tasted horrible as well. Even after being diagnosed, I lost 80 lbs in 3 months. Took them a while to find a med that worked for me.
  • Passing blood in the urine sent me to get diagnosed
  • don’t forget dark concentrated urine. it was foamy
  • Flank pain was how my problems were discovered.
  • leg and feet cramping, nausea, cold , blue knuckles and blue lace lines on my thighs , serious mid back pain up to my neck and down my arm

There are summarized lists on the internet like 10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease.  But, the best advice I could give is to get a yearly physical and to always follow through with the tests/blood work the doctors asks you to do.

It is scary, especially when you’ve never known anyone who has it.  But, you do.  You know my family.  You know my husband.  Either personally, or through me, you know someone.

Please sign your donor card.


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