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Opposite sex ONLY please

If you’ve ever had to take your kid into the change room it’s sometimes a no-brainer.  I’m a female.  My daughter is a female.  We will go into the woman’s change room.  I’m a male.  My son is a male.  We will go into the man’s change room.

How about when you are the mommy who takes your precious son for swimming lessons?  Or if you are the daddy who takes his princess daughter for the wet plunge?  Well, for me, when my baby 1 was just a wittle guy, it was an easy decision.  Woman’s change room.  I’m a woman and I need to change with my baby.  Makes sense right?

Well, now my ‘baby’ knows his body parts.  And he stares while we are in the open area of the change rooms.  He didn’t outright yell “BOOBIES mommy!”, so I guess I’m thankful for that.  But, when I have to tell him to stare at his snack (because who isn’t starving after swimming), or to look at the lockers, it’s time to move up to the Family change rooms.

Now, I’m assuming it is for mommy’s and their sons or daddy’s and their daughters to change.  Basically, opposite sex children of the parent they are going in with.  There are only a couple of change rooms with doors for us to use compared to all the space to change in the man’s or woman’s ones.  So, after one particular dip in the pool and bby 1 is freezing after the shower, we boot it in to change into some nice warm and dry clothes.  D’oh!  we have to wait.   His teeth are chattering.  Now, as a parent, when you hear that from your kid, the momma bear instincts kicks in, and I mentally scream in my head “Hurry the F up!  My precious bby is cold!!”.  I did dry him up with the towel.  I know it’s part of life to wait your turn.  I just wish I could help my kid out of this discomfort as soon as possible.  That is the foundation of the momma bear instincts.

When a mom opens the door I thought she was leaving.  Silly me.  That was so she could go to the locker and get her daughter’s boots to put on in the locked room area.  Biotch!  Don’t you see my kid is freezing?!?  Put your shoes on in the hallway benches like everyone else (our swim place has the carpeted area and boot mats there).  And why are you in this change room and not the Woman’s??  GRRRRR

She has the right to use the family change room. But, when everyone does I have to wait unnecessarily.  My son has to freeze for longer unnecessarily.  This change room is for the opposite sex of parent and child ONLY.  Well, it should be in my head.

This is just annoying.  Not a full-out “I HATE this”  but, it is ‘GRRRRR’ all the same.  I save the ‘hating’ for more worthy matters, like racism, sexism, elitism, hypocrites, bad drivers, people who lazy, people who are mega-rich (be it money, love, talent, family, etc) and take it for granted, or Haters who try to bring you down.


3 thoughts on “Opposite sex ONLY please

  1. “When I had to wait for a changeroom with Owen I would put him under the dryer while I waited.”

    -awesome tip from a seasoned mom left on Facebook regarding this post
    (not sure if she wanted her name on here. feel free to claim it if you wish J)

  2. when I take Owen swimming and have to wait for a changeroom I stick him under the dryer while we wait .. Also when he is showering , you can drape the towel over the dryer so it will be nice and warm

    • oooOOOOooooo…Marcus will LOVE the warm towel! thank so much for taking the time to read and share your awesome tips! You saved that woman for a dramatic sigh if I have to wait again. LOL

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