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whiners and complainers – STFU!

Po’ me.  I’m so broke I can’t afford the ‘o’ ‘r’.

Priorities people.  Don’t spend all your dough on junk and then complain about your situation.  SAVE UP!

Put down the cigarettes, try to brown bag lunch to work 2-3 times a week, skip the vacation to the all-inclusive/back home to the motherland/travel to see the world/because it’s on sale countries (try a staycation, I prefer heat and beach too,  but sometimes you can’t afford to go this year), pre-drink at home before heading out to the clubs for $10 drinks, buy fruit in season, buy the 42-inch tv instead of the 55-inch,  just to name a few tips.

I’m not saying to live in a shoe box and eat crackers smeared with ketchup packets.  Just that you need to sacrifice sometimes to get ahead.  You want a your own place instead of roommates?  You want a house instead of renting?  You want a car instead of taking the TTC?  You want to go to Europe instead of Cuba?  You want diamonds instead of cubic zirconia?  You want a Coach/Prada/YSL purse instead of Roots?  You want silk instead of polyester?

That’s just the money side.  I also can’t stand the people who complain about their jobs all the time either.  Hey, I get it.   There are bad days and sometimes you want to vent.  Been there many, many times.  But, if you really hate it, quit!  Get a new job.  Get more education and get a different/better job.

You’re not happy with your weight.  Then get healthy and physically fit.  There is no perfect weight.  You can be ‘skinny’ and still have a higher fat percentage then someone who is bigger than you.  Exercise will make everything better.  You’ll be tone and have more muscles (and who doesn’t think a fit body is sexy??), you’ll be able to clear your mind by doing sweating away the stress, and clear your organs of all the toxins we feed our body (fast food, pesticides from the way we mass produce vegetables, salt, pollution, etc).  Exercise can be anything.  Take the stairs instead of the elevators for a couple of flights, park your car further in the parking lot, walk/ride your bike/rollarblade/skip instead of drive, etc  Just get MOVING!

All I’m trying to say is, make a decision to commit yourself to improving your situation in life.  Be it financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, whatever! and DO IT!

If you are happy with what you have, more power to  you.  Just don’t whine and complain how life is crap  when you do nothing to make it better.

It’s one thing to dream, have talent, or intentions.  BUT execute with the actions to make it happen.

Note to self: Read this again and again when you complain.  nobody likes a hypocrite


3 thoughts on “whiners and complainers – STFU!

    • hey asifa! appreciate the read and comment. i think we all need a yank on the chain once in a while to get us re-focused. glad you weren’t offended. i wasn’t too sure how some may take it. i know i’m that person sometimes, that’s why i had the note-to-self at the end. lol

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