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Luxury, decadence, or just nasty?

I wouldn’t say I’m a total slouch in all things luxurious.  But, now with children my limited funds are ear marked for different things.

  1. RESPs – one of the best things I can give is an Education to provide for their own future and without starting their careers in student loan debt.
  2. RRSPs – I want to retire at 55.   I’ll probably still work, but because I want to not because I have to.
  3. Mortgage – Of course we want to upgrade at some point.  Bigger house, double/triple garage, wrap around veranda, bigger closet (I have the walk-in in the master bedroom & 2 other closets in the house.  I need a whole room like on Cribs)
  4. Family vacations – paying for multiple people instead of just yourself has now tripled my once-upon-a-time single life budget.  Add to that the additional cost of doing dialysis while abroad.  It was an additional $1600 for our 7-day Caribbean vacation last year.
  5. Jewelery – Because who doesn’t love their bling.
  6. Clothes – Dress for success.  When you’re training in front a room full of people, looking sharp builds my confidence, but also I think builds my credibility.  People judge your looks to validate what you’re saying.  Sad, but true.
  7. Kid Stuff – Probably the biggest one.  Clothes, toys, safety stuff, healthy food, classes (i.e. martial arts, swim, gymnastics, art, etc)

Some things that are considered luxurious and decadent seem just nasty.

  1. Fur – I’m not a PETA supporter nor vegetarian, but I just don’t get why this is so chi-chi.  We’re not back in the viking days where you had to slay a bear to keep warm.  With the newest textiles out there you could have a stylish and warm coat without having to wear dead animals.  Also, there’s the cost of keeping it in storage in the summer.  Meh.
  2. Snails – Ewww.  Dude, it’s a slug that leaves a trail of snot as it moves.  Yet, a ‘fancy’ name on it like Escargot and it’s exceptional. No, thanks.
  3. Lobster – Love it, but sometimes I wonder why.  It’s the cockroach of the sea.   They crawl along the bottom of the sea slurping up crap.  I guess when you smother the sea’s cockroach in garlic butter, you can charge an additional $20.
  4. Baths – Another love of mine, but again the deeper thought behind it is kinda gross.  You are sitting in a tub of your own filth.  I like to add bubbles, so no need to see if the water gets murky.  They have a whole industry designed to sell you bath stuff.  haha…murky….gross
  5. Bidet – Is a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, inner buttocks, and anus.  This was the height of decadence back in the day.   Who else has enough room in their bathroom for an additional piece besides their double-sink, stand-up shower, jet-tub, toilet, heated towel rack, and make-up area

There has to be a happy medium.  Save money for your future, but don’t forget to spoil yourself once in a while.  You deserve it.  We work to live, not live to work.

Now go have a $10 latte!


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