Diet Dayz


7 lbs in 3 weeks….not too shabby…not great, but definitely awesome enough to win $5.  Oh the excuses were there.  “I was going out with the Vendor every night” (for work stuff).  What I heard was “I’m a loser and I owe you $5 and my soul for one week!” LMAO!  All this winningness makes me giddy.  I’m not usually such a sore winner.  I have a bit of restraint.  But, with family, who needs to?!  IN YO’ FACE BROTHA!!  Now, give me my MONEY!!

Just that morning we had McDonald’s for breakfast.  I know, I know.  How can I eat The Taint?!  I eat fast food.  I’m not proud of it.  It just IS sometimes.  I don’t always get the ‘healthy’ choice of a 6 grams of fat sub sandwich that has no cheese, no mayo,and loaded with veggies.  I did try to make it healthy (if that’s possible.  and in my head it is 🙂 ) I got an Egg McMuffin with no butter and no cheese.  Ate only half a hash brown (not really by choice, but Marcus wanted it since he doesn’t get one.  do I owe him a $1 of my winnings now?).

Back to that ‘healthy’ fast food choice of subs for a sec.  Who can eat only 6-inches and be done?!?  I’m STILL hungry after that.  I’ve supplemented it with a cup of soup or huge plate of salad with a small side of dressing that I dip my fork in, fruit, and two glasses of water.  And instead of the cookies or chips the combo comes with, I have one of those 90-calorie snack bags of mini rice cakes drizzled with chocolate.   Hopefully my stomach will shrink so a 6-inch is enough.  I could totally eat a 12-inch in one sitting (most of the time).

Good thing I paid for the Zumba classes, otherwise I would have flaked out on a class or two already.  Dude, if I do get an hour or so free from both kids, I’d like to spend it in a bath or sleep.  At least, Zumba is becoming a little easier.   I’m getting to know the routines and know what the dance steps are when the instructor says ‘next’.  Haven’t bumped into the fan or anyone else again (well, so far anyway).

I came home still red-faced once and The Husband asked me if  I was ok? HAHA  My response “I’m dancing my A$$ off”.  I’m only going once a week and I give it my ALL.  Thinking to sign up for a dance aerobic class also for the next session in combination with the Zumba.  Hopefully, The Husband will watch the kids again and not complain (at least not too much).

Keeping track of my food has helped me.  Keeps me aware of how much calories I’m putting in.  I still have a cookie, cupcake, small bowl of chips, or ice cream a couple of times a week.  I need my junk!  But, at least I’m aware not to eat 1000 calories of junk (not in one sitting at least 🙂 ).  I do feel for a nice big slice of cake though.  Caramel Crunch, Cheesecake (any kind), brownie with ice cream, sugar cookie base with caramel, chocolate, nuts on top bar,or any La Rocca cake.   I haven’t yet.  Maybe after our 6-month big weigh-in.

Can’t wait!

note:  if you don’t know what FTW means, here’s a tip to help you communicate with da pickney dem.


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