Baby’s Daddy

I’ve seen way too much Maury Povich.  You know the show.   “You ARE NOT the father” show.  Where do they find these people?!  Remember, back in the day.  They had the Jerry Springer show.  Same genre.   I always figured “at least I’m not them”.    I know who my baby’s daddy is. *snap snap*

I am lucky to have a husband who is a fighter.   From being diagnosed with Kidney Failure in his early 20s (nobody in his family has it), through a kidney transplant (by his loving brother who offered it the day we found out.  Christian we love you), even when it failed approx. four years later (wished we did the big wedding when we could travel more freely, but who knew it would fail so quickly??), through emergency hemodialysis, several surgeries, peritoneal dialysis, many, many emergency ward visits, this man of mine has always come back to love me with all his heart.  I am the lucky one.  I’d love to reflect a little more deeply on each of the above to remember how it affected me.  affected us.  But, I’m not ready to remember those feelings.  They are heavy.

We were advised back in the early days that we may have problems having children due to the dialysis treatments.   Thank God that we were blessed with two healthy boys.  They are Franklin’s mini-me.  They give him strength with just a smile.  They drain him with their energy.

Good days or bad, my babies’ daddy is there for us.   We are lucky to have him.  He IS the father.


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