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Baby’s MaMa

How do single moms and stay at home moms do it?  Especially with more than one child!  Every time The Husband is not feeling well, I am on my own to take care of the children and at times it is overwhelming.  I now have 3 people to worry about on my own.  and man, it is TOUGH!  How do baby mamas do it?!?

Franklin has been out of commission to help since Tuesday.  It started with him steeping off the porch while holding the bucket seat of baby 2.  He missed the step and stepped right onto his ankle.  All I hear is THUD and ARRGHHH.  My first instinct was “How’s the baby?!?”.  His knee and ankle are messed up.  Now we need to go to Emerg since it may be broken somewhere.  greaaaaaaaaat.

Then he ‘crashed’ two days in a row while doing his dialysis treatments.  Not only can he not walk around too well, he’s also very weak.

One particular day just felt nuts.  Baby 1 was just all over the place, and baby 2 was crying, and baby 3 (the husband) wanted food.  Baby 1 was just feeling a bit stir crazy and over tired.  Baby 2 needed a diaper change and some quiet cooing time.  Baby 3 hadn’t eaten much in two days and was looking thin and gaunt.

Thank goodness no one had a fever or was throwing up!!  That’s my ‘silver lining’ or ‘it could be worse’ logic.  It helps me to appreciate the situation.  I am healthy.  I can do it while my family cannot.  I am thankful that I am healthy and able.

Today is the first day that feels ‘back to normal’.  I only had a week, but single moms do it everyday.  And stay-at-home moms have to deal with it everyday too as their husbands go to work. 

You need help.  Be it from your husband/partner, family, or friends.   It does take a village to raise a child.

More power to you baby’s mama.


4 thoughts on “Baby’s MaMa

  1. Eleisa, funny you bring this up… I think about that all the time and I only have one wee one, well I have a daughter, a dog and a husband…

    You are an awesome mother and wife… your strength is something I wish I had… I guess we do what we need to as Mother’s and Wives…. but you are a pillar of strength Eleisa Lee!!!!!!

    kuddos to you, kuddos to you

  2. At first I thought “well, at least when Marcus gets older he’ll be able to take on more responsibilities and help out more” – but unfortunately, it may also be that as he grows more capable, he becomes more capable of doing more complex things he shouldn’t be doing! Hahaha.

    I say just have an army of kids like those “17/18/19 etc Kids and Counting” folks, and get them all to take care of each other (and you two!)

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