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YOU should blog Frankie

I found a blog that would be a great inspiration for my daring husband!  Oh internet….you have EVERYTHING!  It is a light-hearted and sometimes touching look of life on dialysis.

Franklin has some reservations about some of the things I blog about.  I understand.  Some things are about him.  But, he could do it too!  I tried to ease his concerns since he doesn’t have to post on FB for all to read.

It’s an awesome outlet to just put down those thoughts that repeat in your head over & over.   I suggest it be called a golfer on home hemo.  Not every blog post has to be about dialysis.   It could be mainly about his golf stuff.  i.e. trying to find a decent membership, what it does for him mentally/physically, i.e. frees his  mind from all dialysis stuff, etc.  He could brag about his golfing scores, the tips that he learns from watching the Golf Channel all the time.  But, also blog about being a dad.  I’d love for him to do that story of finding Marcus’ poo in his pants.  I could read it from his perspective.

A young golfing father to two kids, who’s been dealing with kidney disease, transplant, and dialysis for over 10 years.   I would totally subscribe.


I never knew there are so many people on dialysis.  When we go for his clinic appointments or when he had to do emergency hemodialysis in the hospital, we saw all sorts of people.  Really young (8-yrs old), really old, and everything age and race in between.  You probably know someone also.  And if you don’t,  you do now.  My Husband.   Live forever.  Sign your donor card.

Thank you for reading dear Reader.  Knowledge is power.  To change the world we must be strong.  Spread the word.  Sign your donor card. 


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