Kidney Failure / Till death do us part - We're Married


A rough morning for The Husband.  No swimming class for The Boy.  and I keep trying.

It started at 4am with Lucas having a poo emergency.  Then Marcus cries out for me from a nightmare at 5:30am.  Then Franklin yells “LISA! LISA!”.  That’s never a good sign when he’s doing his dialysis treatment and needs help.  He’s crashing.  He needs me.  I open the saline drip to try to bring his blood pressure back up.  I need to stay calm and focused with kids crying in the background and a husband who can barely speak and whose eyes are sporadically rolling back.  Long story short after helping him with his dialysis machine and yelling to Marcus that I am helping Daddy and will be there soon, his blood pressure is 99/49.

In all my diet mania I’ve rid the house of chips and cookies.  Most things high in salt or sugar.  But, at this time something salty is what the The Husband asks for.  I bring him some crackers.  Of course after he eats four with not much change, we see that it is unsalted.   But, at least he’s feeling more stable so I go get the babies.  Marcus tells me “I want to be a doctor so I can help Daddy”.    I want to cry.

Franklin is sleeping.  I’ve made Marcus a peanut butter and jam roll up on whole wheat pita, with a glass of milk, apple juice, and now some grapes.  We’re watching Kung Fu Panda and will just chill.  We have to pick up some supplies at the hospital, so hopefully later will be better.



2 thoughts on “Crashing

  1. Oh Eleisa…. you are one of the strongest women I know… Your family is truly blessed to have you and you are truly blessed to have them….

    Please send my love to Frankie and please try, try, try to take care of yourself….

    thinking of you!

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