Diet Dayz

Saved from Evil

It was a looooooong morning.

It started with a crank call at 6:15am.  nice.

Have to be at M’s Godmother’s place by 7:30am (actually 7:45am, but you know who you are…sometimes you have to trick yourself to get there on time.  or at least reasonably late).  Diaper changes, clothes, teeth, clean the car, and car seats, then we are off by 7:30am.  W00t!  I’m running on time.

Turn onto the major street and already I’m hit with traffic.  Grrr.  Two and a half hours later we are all at the Parenting Centre.  Awesome place for the picknees.  Sandbox, Waterbox, painting, crafts, sing time, story time, snacks, crafts, books, blocks, play kitchen, costumes, bumba chair, play saucer chair thingy, coffee,toys,  and FUN!

We had McD’s for breakfast. Egg McMuffin combo.  Forgot to mention no butter & no cheese.  ahh well.  I chose the ‘healthy’ breakfast right? 😛

By 2pm I’m STARVING!  We are on our way to our Roots of Empathy (ROE) meeting.  We stop off at a store because me and my camel (aka my niece Nicole who drinks LOTS of water) are thirsty.   And there it is.  In all its prepackaged, refined sugar, evil glory.  A hostess chocolate cupcake.  I got the water since I’m thirsty, but try to hold off since we’ll be going out to eat after the ROE session.  But, when you are hungry almost anything looks delicious.  Even disgusting fake chocolate fat in the shape of a cupcake.

In the car I figured if I share it with M’s Godmother or my niece I wouldn’t be totally fatting out.  But, my niece saved me.  She took it out of my hands.  Told me not to do it.  I still wanted it.  Even tried to convince her to sink to my level and have one.  Then she read out the ‘nutritional’ value.  Sodium, Sugar, Fat, Calories.  That did it.  No thanks.

Thanks Darling!  You saved my waistline for that minute.  Although, at 7:44am it’s looking pretty tempting again.  I should just throw it away.  Or maybe someone can eat it in front of me so I can eat it vicariously through them.

Any volunteers?


5 thoughts on “Saved from Evil

  1. Mmmm – I looove those cupcakes! Hahahah. Maybe I need a niece to monitor my diet… How many days a week did I used to hit up the Wendy’s downtown?


    I wanted to eat so much junk food today, so I asked mom to buy me some veggies 😀 Although, there’s some popcorn beside me right now that I want to just shove in my mouth, no lie.

    • smart to get your mom some veggies. i SO want a cookie right now. i’m going to have one of those 90-cal per bag mini rice crackers with caramel drizzle. have some popcorn in a bowl and put away the bag. PORTION CONTROL! and thanks for ‘saving’ my waistline. ❤

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