I love it & I hate it

Drive Much?!?

There’s a reason I take the GO Train to work and not drive.  I mean, I could drive.  The $ is about the same since I know where’s a good parking lot, but I I just cannot handle the traffic on 404/DVP.  I’d rather play my DS, listen to my iPod, read the Shout Outs, read my chick-lit book, do the Sudoku, crochet, ANYTHING! except sleep.  I just can’t sleep in public like that.  My brother asked “what’s the problem?  you think someone’s going to steal your shoes?”.  Yeah…my family….the comedians. 😛

But, I digress.  Driving with traffic is bad enough, but add some type of slippery weather and everyone’s brains turn off. Like WTF!?

1. Slow the F down!

2. Speed the F up!

3. Why are you Fing breaking there’s NO ONE in front of you?

4. He’s following too close.  Get off my A$$!

5. Check your blind spot MF!

6. Get off the road!  YOU give me a bad name chick/asian

(please excuse the expletives.  when i suffer from road rage, it also lowers my I.Q., tolerance, and increases my racist outbursts)  I have to now say this all in my head since I have children in the car.

And for the greater good, my road rage will sleep while I take the GO Train.


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