Toilette humour


Well last night’s sleep was better than most night’s sleep lately.

Lucas woke up only twice! 11pm, 2:45am, 4:45am then fully awake by 6:30am. I don’t count 11pm since I was awake anyway and 6:30am is sleeping in for him. This sleep deprived reality is a Princess’ birth control. HAHA

It got ‘better’. As the fam and I chatter in our bed together, Lucas poos with a half-smile grunt. greaaaaaaat. I know I’ll be in for a treat, but I didn’t expect it to be so ‘special’.

I carry him over to the baby room and i feel a dampness on his back. read right…HIS BACK! As I take off his clothes I see that it’s gone up his back AND his front. How the hell does it DO that?!? Bath time at 7am. waaaaaaah…I want a greasy big breakfast!

This is a ‘scared straight’ moment for you future Maury Povich guests who are not practicing safe sex.



  1. Hahaha – well, you definitely know how to win me as an audience! Poo humour is always a lock to keep me interested

  2. Top of the mornin’ to ya Jilly & Graeme Crackers!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave some comments AND for subscribing. (Thanks to you to Gizz!) You’ve made my day!! This has become my new ‘crack’. I can’t wait to post and check if people have commented. uh-oh…gotta feed the kid. Meh, he won’t starve by waiting one more minute right?? lol

    JOKING! he’s fed and cooing beside me.

    Graeme -the technically challenged have found it. That’s all I’m sayin’ (with love of course))

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  3. haha – even with all your ‘high-brow’ spelling and word origins (you’re my dial-a-friend when I get on a game show and need to use a ‘life saver’ to win the millions) poo jokes will get ya every time.

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